Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Woche 4: Atmosphäre ist alles

A Viennese Kaffeehaus is more than just a café or a place to grab a coffee. It was explained to me, that because many people live in such small apartments in the city, a Kaffeehaus is, in a way, an extension of a person's living space. Unlike a park, city garden, or other outdoor space, Kaffeehäuser are not dependent on the weather to provide a private space in the public sphere. Snow or shine, you can sit and have the space to chat, read, write, observe, listen, eat, drink, play, flirt, argue, or doze without interruption. Well, I suppose you have to pay your bill eventually.

Unit Essential Question
How do words shape our view of culture?

Daily Learning Target: I can describe the atmosphere of a traditional Viennese Kaffeehaus.

Alabama Course of Study Standards Addressed: Modern Language, Level III
2. Interpret culturally authentic written texts in the target language about familiar topics to determine main ideas and supporting details.  

ACTFL Can-Do Statements: 
Interpretative Reading: (Intermediate Mid)
I can understand basic information in simple texts (quotes all related to the same topic.)

Before strategies: 
Vor dem Lesen: Ss receive quotes from "Ins Kaffeehaus" book (page 18) cut up into chunks and must reassemble them.
  1. Quote 1: "Das Kaffeehaus ist das erweiterte Wohnzimmer des Wieners."
  2. Quote 2: "Kaffee ist im Kaffeehaus nicht Zweck, sondern Kaffeehaus ist das Haus tausendmal wichtiger als der Kaffee. Er ist nicht der Inhalt, sondern die Form, er ist der Vorwand, ein Kaffeehaus aufzusuchen. Er ist Katalysator. Er ist die Eintrittskarte."
  3. Quote 3: "Das Kaffeehaus ist ein Ort für Leute, die allein sein wollen, dazu aber Gesellschaft brauchen.
After correctly reassembling the quotes, Ss present in small groups what each quote means.

During strategy:
Lesen: Ss have a copy of page 18 from "Ins Kaffeehaus" book
  • Preview: read silently statements on Aufgabe 1 list
  • View: Think-Pair-Share strategy working with Aufgabe 1 on p. 18. Ss decide which statements match the quotes on upper part of page.
  • Review:  [I want to do some kind of synonym activity with critical words from quotes and statements, but I haven't figured that out open to ideas! Words for focus: Mittel, Zweck, Gesellschaft, Inhalt, Form, Ober.]
After strategy: 
Nach dem Lesen:  Read the Duden definition of the word Gemütlichkeit and look at this photo to discuss this word.
(not my photo)
Ss in small groups brainstorm for nouns/verbs/adjectives that all relate to the idea of Gemütlichkeit. Ss use a "Wortigel" to organize and collect their data.

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